good-bye anna nicole

I felt a jolt to my heart when I read the headline on my web browser announcing the death of Anna Nicole Smith earlier today.  I wasn’t exactly what you’d call a fan, yet it was one of those pieces of news that stung me.  As I’ve been watching the media coverage this evening, I’ve been trying to put my finger on what exactly has moved me to have this reaction.  I feel a loss.

As I watched the video clips of her life this evening, I saw a woman I’d never seen before.  I was always too busy judging what she wore and how she acted to appreciate the spirit she brought to her life.  She knew exactly what her gifts were and she used them in a way that captivated us.  In her own way, she was being of service to the world.

Whether or not we agreed with her style, she brought to life a sense of passion that we don’t see very often.  And we tend to forget that we are connected as human family.  One of our more spirited ones have left us.  Of course we’re going to feel it.  The question becomes what have we learned from her?

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