Change Your Life: Change Your View of Money

“The only lack is the fear of lack in the mind of man.”
—Charles Fillmore, Co-Founder of Unity

I am grateful for having been introduced to the spiritual laws of prosperity for they have shown me a very different way to view money. These views helped me to release my fears that kept me clinging to a job that no longer fit.

It is possible to let go of the security of a paycheck and not live in a constant state of fear. Stay tuned to my continuing video series, Becoming an Inner Architect, and you’ll be shown how.

View Part 1 of the video series

View Part 2 of the video series

2 thoughts on “Change Your Life: Change Your View of Money

  1. When it comes to paychecks, I seem to have created my own reality subsconsiously. Consciously, I disliked the paycheck mentality, but I kept going to jobs I didn’t really care for. Then, after 9/11, my company erased the entire division I was in, kicking me out on the street at a time when people over 50 weren’t exactly hot prospects for personnel departments and head hunters.

    So now I’m writing again, doing what I was always supposed to be doing, and I’m much happier.


  2. Malcolm,

    It seems the Universe was supporting you on your right path and you believed in yourself enough to go along. More of us need to learn to trust that we will be okay when we follow our heart.

    Thanks for your contribution.


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