Considering a Life Change?



I’m happy to announce my new weekly video series. It’s the product of what happened just shy of three years ago. I set off for work that Monday not expecting the day would lead me to something I didn’t think I had the guts to do. That day brought me to become crystal clear that it was time to make a change in what I was doing with the precious hours of my life. That was the day that I said goodbye to a successful career of 20 years.

My life since then has been about helping others to cross that bridge that was so difficult for me.

  • How do you let go of the means to pay your bills?
  • How do you leave a successful career in the hopes of starting another?
  • How do you get beyond the worry of what others will think about your leaving a good job to follow your heart?
  • How do you build the courage to leap into the unknown?

My upcoming book, Inner Architect: How to Build the Life You Were Designed to Live provides guidance for these issues and so much more. I’d like to offer you the first chapter of my book free. Just email me at and I’ll send it to you.

5 thoughts on “Considering a Life Change?

  1. How do you let go of the means to pay your bills? Yes, how do you do this without constantly being in panic mode?? and how do you create abundance and believe for it when you know you have bills stacking up?? Positive thinking doesn’t rain down dollar bills…

    Please send some Inner Architect wisdom my way…


  2. Melina,

    You bring up the questions that probably haunt all of us when we begin to consider letting go of that cherished paycheck. And you’re absolutely right; positive thinking doesn’t produce the cash.

    I’m not just talking about positive thinking here. My book is meant to create the awareness that you can create the life you want by:

    1) Believing in your ability to do so
    2) Learning how to influence your creative process through your mind
    3) Following through with the necessary practical work.

    Believe me; I know what panic mode feels like. I’ve been there. Yet if you have a strong vision in your mind of another reality you’d like to create, you can shift from panic mode to the belief that you are in the process of creating that new reality. You may not be producing the cash in that particular moment, but you believe that you are in the process of creating abundance, so you continue to be inspired to do the necessary work. You consider yourself to be in the early stages of success. This mindset recognizes that money is on its way, so there’s no need for panic. Whatever might need to be borrowed from another source can be repaid from the abundance that you’re working on creating now.

    I hope this helps you to see another way of looking at this process. Thanks for visiting and sharing. Good luck on your journey.


  3. So often, the advice is to quit worrying about outcomes. I can understand how the worry itself would bring more of what I don’t want. The challenge here, though, is NOT worrying when you’re in the middle of the problem and, say, the bills are stacking up on your desk.


  4. Malcolm,

    Yes, there can be no denying the bills that are stacking up. Our conditioned response is worry, but we can learn to condition ourselves differently…if we give ourselves permission to.

    While you are in the middle of the problem, consider the possibility of this shift:

    Step 1) Have a strong vision for how you want to create a flow of money.

    Step 2) Believe in yourself and your ability to successfully carry out this vision. (If you do the necessary work, why wouldn’t you be successful?)

    Step 3) Consider yourself in the process of making this happen.

    Step 4) Do the necessary work.

    Now I don’t mean to suggest that money will magically appear. What I am saying is that if you persevere and do the practical work, there is no reason why the money won’t follow.

    The choice then is to let our fear freeze us from taking any action or to believe in ourselves to successfully carry out our dream.

    Thanks for your great contribution.


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