Quantum Physics 101: A Lesson in Compassion


Imagine that somehow you were forced to sit in a science classroom in the earlier part of today, and you learned that you are energetically connected to everything that is alive. Would that change your view of the role you play in this world?

Chances are that you did not go to science class today, but that doesn’t change your opportunity to revisit your world view and the role you play. This tidbit about your connection to all of life is true, according to evidence brought forth by modern day quantum physicists. Furthermore, they tell us that we are constantly exchanging energy back and forth with each other. Consider it a cosmic game of catch, but instead of a ball, we’re throwing around our thoughts. Imagine that.

As these understandings rise to the surface of our cultural consciousness, gone go the days when we can pretend that what we think or say about others or ourselves doesn’t have any impact. That’s like thinking that throwing acid in the reservoir isn’t going to affect our drinking water.

Someone close to me has been very challenged in “getting his act together” for the past couple of years. It’s so easy for me to listen to his stories on the phone and make judgments that produce energy that feeds what he’s doing on his own. Yet this evidence of our connected energy has made me so much more cautious about the power of my thoughts, and I now feel a greater need to be morally responsible with them. What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Quantum Physics 101: A Lesson in Compassion

  1. Some wise ones say “thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions.”


    My sense is that we are all a part of this ongoing, infinite ripple, and being mindful of and responsible for our thoughts and our language is core to raising our consciousness and creating peace.

    Thanks for the inquiry 🙂

  2. Lisa,

    My instincts have always sensed that we are all connected in energy, yet the scientific evidence has given my understanding a new punch.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Happy Holidays,

  3. Hi, Susan!

    I began a new blog back a few months ago…The Phoenix Effect went up in a cloud of Transformational Smoke! You can find me now at The Wild Pomegranate!

    It was great to see your blog posted on the Spiritual Blog Review. I look forward to catching up on all of your wonderful posts.

    In the meantime, it is that very thought you mention that has radically changed my life: I am connected to all living things.

    Thanks for a great reminder!


  4. Grace!

    It’s great to hear from you. Thanks for your feedback and for bringing me up to speed on your latest blog. You are an amazing writer and like the others, The Wild Pomegranate is terrific!

    Happy Holidays!


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