Recipe for Calm

I was having dinner the other night at a friend’s house who is struggling to break free from a very stressful job that she hates. Four of us were sitting around the table when I noticed a plaque sitting on the window sill. It spelled the word, “calm”, both horizontally and vertically. I’d never seen this word revered in such a way. And it got me thinking. The first time someone told me that I was calm, I didn’t know what to think. It seemed like such an odd characteristic to point out and it made me feel a bit weird.I’ve come to recognize that I often feel weird when I talk about the ways in which I approach life. I feel weird because they are not the norm, and I suppose that some of my beliefs are borderline “out there”. But they work for me. I am calm nearly all of the time because of my beliefs. So if the majority of the norm is not calm, might that suggest that there is room for some new beliefs?

Here is my recipe for calm. Try experimenting with the ingredients and see what happens:

  1. There are only two things that really matter: 1) Expressing love towards all living things; and 2) Showing up for your purpose. Everything else is not worth getting upset over.
  2. Whatever the universe is dishing out to you is for your greater good.
  3. Getting upset over what does or does not happen is not the only way to express that you care. Staying calm expresses that you trust that what is happening is for your greater good, which is more important than the event at hand.
  4. Ask for guidance and you will be shown. The answers may come from anywhere, not just inside your head.
  5. Everything that happens is meant to tell you something. Don’t dismiss anything as coincidental.
  6. Your experience of life is all in your mind. You choose your reality by how you choose to think.

Thanks for visiting. Here’s to our collective sense of peace.


Susan Hanshaw
Sanctuary for Change

6 thoughts on “Recipe for Calm

  1. I am living proof of your recipe. At this point in my life, I have come to grasp the very essence of your ingredients. The aspect that has had the most profound effect on how I live my life day-to-day is the realization that we are not alone her without a purpose. We have control over our choices especially when the opportunities present themselves. Thanks for your insight.

  2. Susan, as usual you are right on point; saying exactly what I need to here. Just viewing some of your videos I can definitely see your calmness. You have such an aura of peace about you. It’s lovely to know that there is a recipe for the rest of us. Thanks so much. Peace, Carolyn

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