The Deeper Secret to Joy and Abundance

I love the fact that we are evolving into a society that understands that our minds have great influence over what we create in our lives. We’re learning about things like the power of positive thinking, creative visualization and the law of attraction. Yet it seems that sometimes when we employ all of these wonderful metaphysical methods, we still remain unable to make our vision a reality. Why? I’ve had my own theories about this for awhile, and like much of what I write about here, my understandings continue to sharpen through my own awakening. I came across something the other day that helped me to crystallize a belief that I had come to on my own. An interesting thing to note here is how serendipity played a role in my discovery.

I noticed that a new link to this blog was bringing traffic from an Italian site about positive visualization: Of course I was curious to find out what had been written and by who, so I clicked on the link and did the best I could to translate the linked article and the author’s bio. It was here that I was led to learn about the works of Jose Silva and the Silva Mind System. Now, I must put a disclaimer here that I have not read about Jose Silva or the Silva Mind System at any depth so I can’t stand behind the work, yet one point that I read really resonated with me as a valuable principle that should be promoted in concert with the law of attraction:

“Many self-improvement programs tell you that by tapping into your mind you can have ‘anything you desire’.

I’m afraid this is not true.

Silva’s research has shown that you can have anything you want – IF and ONLY IF – it is part of your soul’s plan for you.”

I use my instincts to help me judge what I believe to be truths, and this concept here makes a lot of sense without any proof in the pudding. This supports an “aha” I had when I was painfully trying to cut myself loose from the “security” of my corporate job a couple of years ago. I told myself that it just didn’t make sense that the universe would take better care of me if I stayed clinging to a job that I no longer cared about rather than pursuing the path I felt calling me.

There’s a very big, yet very simple lesson here that I feel like yelling from the rooftops because it is so vastly ignored. Achieving great joy and abundance is not about thinking what will make you happy. It’s about tuning in to your heart and showing up for the purpose of why you are here. If you truly believe that life has a purpose, then there is no fear to be had when you are holding up your end of the bargain.

Thanks for visiting. Let me know if there is any way that I can support you on your path to purpose.

With light,


Susan Hanshaw
Sanctuary for Change

2 thoughts on “The Deeper Secret to Joy and Abundance

  1. I really enjoyed your article Susan and you on to something not only being open to finding your own path but by allowing your self to being open to it…… and then TAKING ACTION! That’s the missing element , when you aren’t in alignment with what you want in life your emotions are are telling you loud and clear. Your internal cues are the source signaling you to other possibilities. The most empowering piece of the pie is that you have the freedom to define your own purpose of your existence , I believe most people get hung up by social pressures and family conditioning.

    All the best,


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