Meditation as Your Channel for Guidance

I remember my first introduction to meditation. It was in a college philosophy class in 1980. Our instructor had us lying flat on the floor for what seemed like an incredibly long time. I got absolutely nothing out of it except a lowered self esteem and a leeriness for all things “out there”. I walked out of that class scarred with the idea that I was just one of those people who couldn’t get the hang of meditation. Little did I know what incredible influence it would have on my life two decades later.

For me, the biggest obstacle around meditation was getting to the point where I actually believed there was wisdom that was accessible to me. I had to learn to trust that the voice I heard or felt was credible. I had to learn to stop rationalizing the voice as something my mind had made up and just surrender to what was coming to me. I now think of meditation as a practice I treat like my physical workout. It’s necessary routine maintenance for my spirit. It keeps me tuned into who I really am and what I am here to do. It’s my sounding board and my channel for guidance.

I wanted to share with you some understandings I’ve come to over the years which have enabled me to embrace a meditation practice which once felt strange and foreign. If you happen to be someone who experiences a similar challenge, you might make some breakthroughs by considering these beliefs:

  1. The essence of you is not your body. Your body is simply the vessel that holds the energy of your light and enables it to do its work here on earth.
  2. Each one of us is connected through the divine source from which we were created. The only thing that separates you from divine wisdom is your mind. Again, by letting go of the idea that you are a separate body, you gain the insight that you are a part of universal energy which you can tap into at any time.
  3. Your life has significance in this universe. You’re not running around this planet like an unassigned free agent. There is divine guidance available to support you in your purpose here. You simply need to ask for the guidance and expect that it will come to you.
  4. You are a child of God. There is something that God wants to accomplish through you. The understanding of this mission can be received by tuning in to your connection to God in the silence of your meditations.
  5. Your heart is your bodily center of your spirit. Trust what comes to you from your heart more than your analytical mind.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about meditation. Stay tuned also for my special guest, Dr. Susan Gregg, who will appear in an interview here on Thursday, July 12th. Susan is the author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Meditations. Check it out.

Thank you for visiting. Wishing you a journey of wonder and joy.

Susan Hanshaw

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