an end to worry

Being involved with the planning of my 30-year high school reunion has reminded me of those days where I worried much about things that were totally a waste of my juice.  If only I had the awareness that it would never really matter if I didn’t get asked to dance or if I wasn’t considered popular by the kids I admired.  Had I not held onto those kinds of worries, I would have had a much better time.

It’s no different now as we face life as grown-ups.  Think about the things you worry about.  They might range from a lack of money or love to fears of failure or rejection.  Ask yourself if experiencing that bit of angst is working for you.  Just like your high school concerns that seemed so vital at the time, might you consider that all your worrying does now is rob you of peace?  How would it feel to not have anything to worry about?  Pretty good, huh?  Ridding yourself of all your fears would free you up to simply enjoy what was unfolding in your life.  You could do this if you held the belief that there was nothing to worry about—that whatever was happening was for the best.

What are you thinking right now as you read this?  Does having a life without worry seem ridiculously out of reach?  If it does, consider that something is holding you back from believing this is possible for you.  Do you believe that you are in God’s good care at all times?  If you do, then this means that you don’t have anything to worry about.  Your living without worry requires simply that you convert this belief in God that is in your intellect to a truth you act upon from your trusting heart.

Learning to live from this level of peaceful trust is something you can condition yourself to do with practice.  The next time you catch yourself worrying about this or that, stop and remind yourself that your need to worry is all in your mind.  You’re in the good hands of a loving universe.  So just relax and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for visiting.

In peace,
Susan Hanshaw
Offering contemporary inspiration from A Course in Miracles

One thought on “an end to worry

  1. Loved your comments… here is one of my favorite quotes that I find myself saying when worry begins to creep in.

    “Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble”. – George Washington

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