veto: a lesson in forgiveness

“May God bless our troops.” — George W. Bush

I read the transcript for Bush’s speech explaining his veto of the Iraq Spending Bill with cynicism and his closing statement in quotes here hit me as a most interesting diversion of energy. Then as I invited my mind to analyze why he would bring the love of God into a dialog about the best way to fund more killing, I realized that I did agree with Mr. Bush on one thing. God flows through everything—the good, the bad and the ugly.

This revelation also brought me to recognize the part I play in spreading judgment and anger in my own response to the war. How humbled I was to realize how frequently I speak out of both sides of my mouth. While I’ve answered my calling to teach about love, hope, purpose and change, I’m just now learning another lesson in forgiveness. I may not agree with Mr. Bush’s policies or decisions, yet that doesn’t mean I have to hate him. Like you and me, isn’t he just a fragile human being doing the very best that he can?

Have you ever looked back on your behavior at various points in your life shuddering as you asked yourself the question, “What the hell was I thinking?” If we can learn to forgive ourselves, we give ourselves the gift of inner peace. If we can learn to forgive others, we give ourselves the chance for global peace, even if the actions we’re forgiving aren’t in alignment with it.

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