change: if not now, when?


Last week I was on a medication that did a real number on my psyche.  As the level of this medication in my bloodstream increased with the passing days, so did my moodiness.  I was picking fights with my boyfriend at the drop of a hat.  In my mind I had turned this man who loves me into the enemy.  He’s since been raised to sainthood in my eyes to put up with me.  Why did I not drop the medication immediately, you might wonder?  Because, believe it or not, I didn’t truly recognize what was going on until I just about flipped emotionally.  I just assumed that the illusions that I was responding to were real, yet as I look back I see that they were all based from a perspective of fear and lack.  I was so much in my own darkness that I was unable to see the goodness and love that surrounds me.  Now as I have stopped the medication and wait for it to leave my bloodstream entirely, I am seeing this as my reconciliation with my natural state and my connection to the natural flow of life.

A Course in Miracles describes our life here on earth as a process of Atonement, where the sole purpose of time is to enable us all to correct our illusions about being separate from our source of creation, of love and from each other.  It delivers the message that one by one we each will be restored to our awareness of our connection to all of life, where we will live in a state that recognizes total love, joy and abundance.  As each one of us reaches a state of this awareness, we reduce the level of darkness on the planet.

This week we embark upon Easter, a celebration which acknowledges the resurrection of life shown possible through the human spirit, Jesus.  And as Jesus is heralded by the Christian world as one of history’s greatest teachers, wouldn’t that imply how feverishly we honor his message of love, faith and what is possible for us?  Yet why do we continue to deny its possibilities in our lifetime?

Yesterday I had enough of my personal darkness.  Although I’d been programmed to take the antibiotics through their completion, I reached a point where enough was enough.  I stopped before I could spiral any deeper.  Yet I wouldn’t have stopped had I not made the connection between the drug and my mood.  I also had to recognize that I had a choice to discontinue the medication.

As we anticipate Easter on a global front, we can choose to see it as a reminder of what is possible for the human spirit.  We can choose to make it another holiday in the history of the world where we sit back and honor without any intention to follow its lead.  Or we can say to ourselves that it is time to implement some fresh ideas, to take a different approach to life, to begin to embrace some of the messages brought forth by Jesus.  We can take it upon ourselves to bring hope to our world that has grown worn from fear and conflict.  The sooner we do this for ourselves, the sooner we make this state possible for all of the world.  What are we waiting for?  If not now, when?

One thought on “change: if not now, when?

  1. Susan,

    “Spiritual awareness through the power of one.” The power of one being God and the energy that emanates through him to us. . .

    Be well

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