Britney Spears: What Has She Taught You?


I am constantly looking for the meaning that lies below the surface of an event that has touched my life. I do this because I believe that we are all connected in a divine effort intended to lead us to a higher place. Our connectedness means that we are all in this together. And as much as it may seen difficult to relate, even in all her celebrity mistakes, Britney Spears is a part of our “we”.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see Britney Spears go up in flames like Anna Nicole Smith. I think we all agree that she needs help. So why don’t we do what we can to help her? And what is that, you might wonder? By consciously thinking about what you have learned from observing her life, and imagine yourself surrounding her with that energy.

Britney has taught me the value of what I sometimes take for granted—my sense of self and my desire for a life with meaning. She’s also shown me that who we were isn’t any indication of who we can become. She’s been an example of how bad choices can ruin the most promising of lives, and that there is always a different choice that can take us around a new corner. While I can’t force these concepts down her throat, I can help her, even if it is just a smidgen of help, by visualizing her understanding what’s she’s taught me. And if enough of us amplify this kind of energy, just maybe she’ll finally get it.

Celebrity Mistakes: Is Jail the Only Justice?


Lindsay Lohan’s plea deal with provisions for only one day in jail is undergoing some fiery attack. Did she really get off easy?

The message behind this particular question is that punishment is a sentence that can only be experienced outside of ourselves. It acknowledges only the black and white that we can see, taste and touch in the outer world, and fails to consider the goings on of our inner world. If punishment is meant to equate pain, any question about justice should consider first that the greatest pain is that which is felt in the heart.

So when we ask if Lindsay Lohan got off easy, shouldn’t we first take a walk in her shoes? Sure, those shoes are very different than yours and mine. They walk a very different life, one that is watched closely by millions, one whose mistakes are revealed under a microscope on steroids. I don’t know about you, but it seems a lot less painful to spend a few months quietly tucked away serving a very private little jail term than having all of mainstream America pointing out how badly I’ve screwed up.