Is It Okay to Want Money?

I had the honor last night to be a Guest Teacher on ACIM Gather Radio. My goal was to provide a practical discussion with tips about how to continually remember the incredible power that you have to create whatever reality you desire. I call this power your inner energy. The dialog was moving along just fine and then I hit upon the subject of money. Guess what happened? The online interactive board began to buzz with activity. Questions and comments came pouring in, each seeming to be looking for confirmation that you can be a good person and want money, too.

I know that there are a number of people who struggle with a belief that wanting money is like selling your soul. Many believe that goodness and money can’t co-exist. The truth is that they can. Money is simply energy. It is our choice in how we choose to invest this energy. It can be used to invest in things that create much goodness for the world just as much as it can be used for meaningless or harmful things. It’s our intentions for money that should be considered, not the energy itself.

Another common misconception is the idea that good and loving people are not supposed to want to be financially wealthy. Why not? To deny ourselves the opportunity to accept the abundance of God’s worldly treasures is no different than denying ourselves the opportunity to experience our spiritual nature as long as we place our first priority on serving God. Using your inner energy to be of service to God and our human siblings is what we have been taught throughout the ages to strive for. Using your energy in the sole pursuit of money is a very different way of investing your life. Doesn’t it make sense that those who are successful in being of service to God and others should be rewarded with the most wonderful of earthly gifts? If we all bought into the idea that this makes sense, I’m willing to bet that many more of us would be motivated to be of service in a better way.