Need an Answer? Think Love


I woke up this morning to face one of the lessons that I often teach. I had a conflict last night with someone I recently did business with and the experience stayed with me up until the time I went to sleep. I figured it would be one of those experiences which would be a forgotten memory in the dawn of a new day. But, oh, I was wrong. My waking consciousness brought me right back to the previous night’s events.

Intellectually I knew that I was the boss of my own thoughts, and that if I didn’t like the scene I was focusing on, I could change it. Somehow, though, I was struggling with this one. And now, looking back, I can see why. I was telling myself to stop thinking about the conflict, but I hadn’t chosen a more favorable thought to energize.

I rolled over to face my boyfriend, Dean, laying next to me in bed. I began to think about the wonderful man that he is and how much I love him. As I focused my energy on love, I noticed that the conflict had departed my consciousness and hasn’t returned since. What a great lesson. Love really is the answer. Think about it.

The Secret to Feeling Good

Have you ever really stopped to think about where you came from? Now I don’t mean this from a perspective of who your family is and your geographic origin. I am talking about the very essence from which you were created. How often do you consider that your essence comes from the powerful energy that is behind all of life’s creation? Most of us have probably heard the assertion that we are children of this divine creative energy. But what does that really mean? And what are its implications? When we stop to consider the answer to these questions, we give ourselves a reason to experiment with what we have inherited. For if you were truly aware that the greatest power known to man runs right through you, would you continue to keep this power buried deep in a dark closet that is never opened? Wouldn’t you want to learn how to tap into it?

Before you can learn how to work with this power, you first need to acknowledge that it exists, and that you have access to it in every moment. Even better is to recognize that this power is actually a part of you. It’s a part of you because you came from it. You were made from its essence. Your energy stems from this divine energy, which means that you have inherited its powers. Yet in order to fully engage this power, you need to align your energy in its likeness. You need to model divine energy to vibrate in its full frequency. If you don’t, you operate at a lower capacity. It’s that simple.

Modeling divine energy is easy, actually, if you allow yourself to see it that way. You’ve already been given everything you need. You simply need to develop new habits. These habits themselves shouldn’t be hard to build because they will make you feel good. How could you not feel good when you are expressing the divine in you? If there is anything hard about learning to vibrate at a high level of divine energy, it’s in giving yourself permission to express your self this way. The difficulty lies in having the courage to approach life from a mentality that is different than our mass consciousness. It requires strength to step out as a pioneer to claim a power and a way of being that most people are unable to fathom as being possible.

I will be writing more about how to vibrate divine energy here in future articles. For the time being, though, think about how you can begin to do this yourself right now. Think about some of the characteristics that you associate with the divine, and then start expressing those as much as possible. Doesn’t it feel good?

Purpose: Inspired by Your Midlife Clock?

As I continue along my midlife path, I am meeting more and more people who, like me, are waking up to the awareness that life is half over. We are looking more closely at what we are doing with the precious time we have left. In this age of corporate down-sizing, many people are feeling stressed, burnt out or bored from a job that no longer fulfills them. Some face additional challenges of an empty nest, divorce, menopause, or death of a parent. These are all issues which inspire us to ask the question, “Why am I here?

Sanctuary for Change has launched a weekly group to guide individuals to discover their life purpose and stay confidently focused on the path of living it. The group meets every Tuesday evening in San Rafael and Wednesday evenings in San Francisco. Both groups meet from 7pm to 9pm, with a cost of $20 per meeting. The meetings are open and drop-in participation is invited.

I have had the privilege of sharing many hours with dozens of people who are eager to show up for what they are really here to do. As they so honestly and genuinely open up their hearts, I am reminded of how much we really are the same. We all want to be happy and prosperous, and to feel supported by people we love. We all share many of the same insecurities and fears about reaching out to claim our purpose and the abundance that we so greatly hope will follow. Since this blog reaches far beyond the San Francisco Bay, I thought I would begin to share some of the key discoveries that come up from week to week so that Sanctuary for Change followers worldwide might benefit. Here are some questions and insights which were brought forward last night:


Question: I have a great job that provides me with a number of benefits on many levels. Yet given the chance, I would quit in a heartbeat if I could. What confuses me is the fact that I am very good at this job. Does being good at something mean it is related to my purpose?


Insight: Remember that purpose is a divine virtue that is a function of your heart. If you don’t love what you’re doing, chances are you’re not expressing your purpose. Your intelligence and work ethic are not tied to purpose.


Question: I am beginning to feel called to support people who struggle with issues that I have had to work very hard to overcome myself. How will my family and others take me seriously if I step out in this role?


Insight: Your journey through life has divinely prepared you for what you are to become. Your own growth has provided you with the ability to empathize and support others in ways that someone who hasn’t walked in their shoes can’t.


Question: I am very clear on my dream for my work, and my efforts are showing me that there is a chance that it can happen for me. My challenge is that I don’t want to put too much hope into my dream because I don’t want to be too disappointed if it doesn’t happen. How do I best manage my energy about this?


Insight: Focus your attention on showing up with your unique gifts and trusting that the universe knows best how to support you in living your purpose. Strive to not make any judgments about what does or does not happen and you won’t be disappointed.


Question: I know what my gift is, but it is not exactly mainstream, so I feel a bit uncomfortable with exposing it. What can I do to get beyond this?


Insight: Those who let go of secure jobs or established careers to step into their purpose are still very much in the minority. So consider yourself a pioneer of sorts, carving out new territory for others to follow. Remind yourself that you were given this gift with the intention that it be used to serve others.


Your Life: It’s Your Choice, Remember?


One day just shy of twelve and a half years ago, I discovered that the man I was married to was involved with another woman. That evening, after I told him what I’d learned, he replied by telling me that he wanted out of the marriage. He left me that night, only to return several weeks later to pick up his things. I don’t know which was harder to deal with, suddenly feeling alone in the world, or the pain of the betrayal. The days that followed were the darkest that I’ve yet to endure, yet despite how badly I was hurting, I just knew that there was a reason for what I was experiencing. It was to bring me here, where I am today.

I’ve learned a lot from that experience. And as strange as this may sound, I am grateful for it. I’ve learned about forgiveness, and the depths of my strength. But the most valuable gift that has come with it is my faith in life. I’ve come to believe that nothing is a random event. I look at every moment as an opportunity of destiny, to which I’ve been given a choice in how I will respond. That’s how we create our lives, moment by moment.

Stop for a minute and think about what it is that you want from your life. Then make the choice that you will experience that. Remember that you are free in every single moment to believe whatever you want to believe about anything. The only thing stopping you from seeing the beauty is your choice to see it that way. The only thing standing in the way of you and your dreams is you making the choice to believe that they have a chance in coming true. So why not choose to believe magnificent things about your life, and just do it?

The Power of Believing in Unlimited Supply


There is something about being human which tends to invite a perspective of lack. As much as we may be told otherwise, many of us tend to view the various substances in life as having a limited supply. We then apply this to our own lives to believe that we can only have so much money, so much love, so much success and so forth. How many of us believe that we can’t have it all?

It is easy to see how this perspective can get in the way of our believing that we can have the abundant lives that we dream about. We can eliminate this as an obstacle that gets in our way by acknowledging our essence as Divine energy, and by considering the implications of this. By recognizing that we are directly connected to the source of all of life, we can consider that all that exists is personally available to us. From this perspective, we can shift our ideas about lack from being a practical, real issue that we must deal with to a mindset that we can change. It is through this shift in thinking that we raise our Divine vibration and open ourselves up to more abundance.

Remember, what do you have to worry about when you have access to all that exists through the portal of your mind?

Acknowledging Your Divine Energy

There is no mistaking the fact that no living human being thoroughly understands this energy that we call the Divine. It’s a mystery of life that most of us acknowledge plays a significant role in the creation of life, yet it is a power that we tend to ignore in our day-to-day existence. Most of us tend to disregard this power because we see it as something outside of ourselves. Yet if we look closely at what we have been able to discern about Divine energy, we can begin to understand that it is a powerful force that we can work with to influence and shape our lives.

Divine energy is the essence behind all of life. While we may consider that all of creation stems from Divine energy, we commonly attach the relationship between Divine energy and life creation to a historical or religious framework that we disassociate as having pertinence in our everyday lives. It’s as though unconsciously, we’ve accepted the belief that the evolution of time has diluted the energy through which our earliest of ancestors were created from.

We may call ourselves children of the Divine, yet many of us fail to appreciate what that means from a practical level. We often forget that we are expressions of Divine energy, that we are Divine creators in our own right and that we create through our thoughts. Looking at the relationship between Divine energy and thought from this perspective provides a deeper ground from which you can employ the Law of Attraction.

If there is something that you wish to create in your life, but find yourself falling down for whatever reason, remind yourself that you are an expression of this God energy. Do you really believe that the power of God is greater than your obstacles? Then acknowledge that power within you and let it get to work.

Climbing the Vibrational Ladder: Step 1


Many people come to my blog wanting to learn more about how to raise your vibration, so here I am again offering more. As I prepared this time to dig a little deeper to provide you with something new, I poked around out there curious to see what others are saying. I’ve read many wonderful writings which align raising your vibrational frequency with dwelling on positive thinking and feelings. I don’t disagree with those ideas. I just happen to believe that it goes deeper than that. In this discussion about raising your vibration, we can’t lose sight of what we really are—individual extensions of Divine energy that, for efficiency purposes, I suppose, happens to be contained in a body.

I believe that acknowledging that you are Divine energy is the first step in raising your vibration. Why? Because this is where you get your creative power. This is the force that works behind those positive thoughts. This is where your strength lies. So acknowledge it. Honor it. Celebrate it. Let it work for you. But please don’t ignore it.

Can you be so bold as to consider that you hold the power of God within you? Think about it, okay?

What Does it Really Mean to Raise Your Vibration?


Three months ago I published an article here, Tips for Raising Your Vibration, that has been so consistently well trafficked that it has given me pause for thought. What is it about this topic that intrigues us so? And like some of the other leading edge thought concepts that I promote in this space, I wonder if we are all on the same page as to what we’re really talking about. After all, this is not a life issue that we learn about through the mainstream media. This leaves those of us who are curious about such things responsible for finding our own answers, rather than having them regularly fed to us. Oh well. It comes with the territory of being the pioneers that we are.

I love how the ordinary events of my life are always leading me to deeper understandings. Last night I sat down to dinner alone with a book I hadn’t picked up in awhile, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, by Wayne Dyer. As I was thumbing through, I came across a couple of sections that provided me with a new way of looking at the impact of energy vibration. In the words of Dr. Dyer:

“Faster vibrations mean getting closer to spirit.”

“Slower vibrations keep us in the world of ‘problems’.”

I now better understand the popularity of the vibration article. Who knowingly wants to invite problems into their life?

After reading this, I thought more about what it means to achieve a fast level of vibration. At the slowest level we are plodding through our human “stuff”, while at the highest vibration we are at the energy of the divine. To vibrate at the highest level means to be God-like. I don’t know how simpler it can get. When we understand what it means, the how-to becomes clear. To become God-like means to focus your energy on expressing kindness, generosity, understanding and all those other virtues of love that we attach to the divine.

It sounds pretty easy to me. And the good news is that as we transform the energy of our individual beings, we all make this planet a better place.

Tips for Raising Your Vibration

I owe this post to a couple of my fellow inspirational bloggers, Grace from and Clyde from who have tagged me to participate in a game which promotes the sharing of ideas that inspire spiritual and personal growth. This game, which invites the contribution of ideas for raising one’s energetic vibration, is the brainchild of Cardin Routh from OptimistLab.

I’ve been a student of metaphysics for a dozen years now, yet it seems like it has only been in the last couple that I recall having a true open-mindedness about the concept of vibration. How interesting that this coincides with my exit from the corporate world, where I felt like I had to guard my spiritual beliefs in fear that I’d be looked upon like I had two heads. It’s hard to embrace ideas that are not in alignment with your exterior world. My corporate environment was about the energy of selling widgets, not attracting them.

Now that I’ve committed my life to the promotion of spiritual expression, I am very much in touch with this idea that we have control over the level in which our energy vibrates. We choose how bright we enable our lights to shine. How refreshing it is has been in my own spiritual development to come clean, to speak outwardly about the ideas that live in my heart. So I suppose that is my first tip for raising your vibration—

Seek an alignment with your inner and outer worlds. Give your essence an authentic life in which to express itself.

For me that authenticity means striving to give my spirit the priority over my human nature. In dedicating my energies towards raising the vibration or light on this planet, I know that means that every encounter counts, not just the ones where I’m mentoring clients or sitting at my computer writing. I seek to share my real heart with everyone I touch from the grocery store clerk to the laborers I pass on my running route.

Cherish every moment as an opportunity to shine your light.

Raising your vibration comes through the practice of living as a being of energy. I recognize it is my choice to jump out of bed each morning like a machine who showers and puts on make-up and clothes or one who is a spiritual being that is led through the day by a divine purpose.

Your light shines brighter through your focus on being a light.

I’ve come to take my role as a light worker seriously. I believe that I am one of many. And I don’t believe it is a coincidence that we have come to this planet at this particular time in history. How interesting it is that a global climate that is in such dire need for change has been primed in recent decades by the human potential movement. I appreciate the work that those who have come before me have done to lay the foundation for the shift in consciousness that is now unfolding.

You raise your level of vibration by responding to the events of your life from a perspective of spiritual meaning.

How interesting also that this revolution is unfolding at a time where technology has paved the way for light workers to spread their messages throughout the world in this venue we call the internet which can touch millions of people at any given moment.

Sharing your thoughts and beliefs increases their vibration.

I’d like to acknowledge the bloggers on my blogroll for their efforts in raising the vibration of our planet. The more we share at this level, the more our vibration expands. Let there be light!

Thanks for visiting.

In peace and light,

Susan Hanshaw