Considering a Life Change?



I’m happy to announce my new weekly video series. It’s the product of what happened just shy of three years ago. I set off for work that Monday not expecting the day would lead me to something I didn’t think I had the guts to do. That day brought me to become crystal clear that it was time to make a change in what I was doing with the precious hours of my life. That was the day that I said goodbye to a successful career of 20 years.

My life since then has been about helping others to cross that bridge that was so difficult for me.

  • How do you let go of the means to pay your bills?
  • How do you leave a successful career in the hopes of starting another?
  • How do you get beyond the worry of what others will think about your leaving a good job to follow your heart?
  • How do you build the courage to leap into the unknown?

My upcoming book, Inner Architect: How to Build the Life You Were Designed to Live provides guidance for these issues and so much more. I’d like to offer you the first chapter of my book free. Just email me at and I’ll send it to you.

Money: How to Stop Letting it Get in Your Way of Creating Change

Many of us choke at the idea of making change because we worry about how we’re going to pay the bills. Here’s how you can let go of those fears and move forward on your dream:

1. Look at the first year of your transition as one in which you are making an investment in yourself. Depending on the extent of change you are making, it will be starting something new to some degree. Most new ventures take time to become profitable. Whether you will be taking a new job in a different industry, or starting something of your own, it is unrealistic to think that you will be making as much money as where you left off. It will be a period of learning and growing. You will be temporarily reducing your current financial wealth to increase the joy and satisfaction you experience in life moving forward. You will be turning your life in a vibrant new direction. You will be doing what you have always wanted. Doesn’t the investment seem worth it?

2. See this investment in yourself the same way you look at other financial investments, an intention to earn back what you’ve invested and more. We invest because we think we are going to be better off as a result. In this case, your investment can produce a higher quality of life, and perhaps even more money. As you create your new life, you are in control of your destiny. Who says that you won’t make twice or more your current income when you are established in your new work?

3. Allow yourself to use savings or some other chunk of money to finance your new life. If you have had a “do not touch” belief about savings or loans, can you try reframing this? Can you give yourself permission to use a specified amount to make this transition?

4. Trust your ability to manage your finances. Keep remembering that you are the one in control. You will know how much money you have to work with. You will know what decisions you must make around it. If down the road your money begins to run low before your new life is prospering, you can always take a detour. You can always get another job, or find some income opportunity.

5. Recognize the value of how fulfilling doing what you want can be, and not as difficult as most people think.

6. Understand that you just need to do something well, and soon you’ll have more work than you need. See the value in working your own hours. You may make more money working less time than you do now.

7. Remember that you have successfully managed yourself in the past. Your ability to do this will not disappear just because you are taking on a new adventure. You can learn to live a little differently.


How to Find Your Purpose

You cannot discover your purpose unless you think you can.

Try to let go of the idea that discovering your purpose has to be hard. Replace it with the idea that discovering your purpose is simply a matter of tuning in and paying attention to who you are, what you love and what is important to you.

Tip: Pay attention to activities that give you tremendous joy.

Have you ever noticed how happy you are when you are doing what you really enjoy? Take a minute to think about what it is that really makes you feel alive.

Is there something that, when you’ve just finished spending some time doing it, you get so conscious of the joy it’s brought you that you tell yourself that you’ve just got to find more time to do it?

Is there something that you lose yourself in, that there never seems to be enough time to get your fill?

Is there some wild hair idea that floats in your mind that just won’t go away?

People have shared this thought with me about teaching children to play tennis, providing foster care for abandoned dogs, making furniture for the home, and providing deep sea fishing excursions for stressed executives. The list goes on and on.

Tip: Don’t judge or try to measure the value of what your heart wants to do. Just listen.

Is This All There Is?

When you are feeling that there must be something more,
it means there is.

How do you go about finding it?

Step 1: Ask yourself if you believe you have a purposeful contribution to make to this world.

You cannot discover your purpose unless you are clear that you have one. You don’t need to know what that specific role is right now, but you do need to believe there is something you are here to do, to be, or to accomplish. Your purpose does not necessarily have to be something that will go down in the world’s history records.

No one calling is better than another. The universe needs us all.

How to Get into the True Spirit of the Holidays

Something that my hairdresser, George, said to me very casually yesterday has stuck with me. George asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I replied by saying that all I wanted was for my new business, innerarchitect, to be a success in the New Year. I then threw the same question back at George. He replied quickly that he just wanted his health. You see, George has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma. He continued on saying that he has everything he needs and then finished with a statement so simple, yet one that speaks to the truth of life:

It doesn’t matter what you got.
All that matters is what you gave.

Thank you, George. May healthy cells populate your glands.

Here’s to the true spirit of the holidays.

Peace, joy and love

Science Shows the Amazing Benefits of Meditation

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been deep in study of the scientific evidence that has come to light that supports many of the spiritual principles that have resonated with me without any hard proof. It has been fascinating and exciting to learn about all the correlations! In particular, I’d like to recommend Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Intention Experiment to anyone interested in learning about this new frontier where science and spirituality come together.

In her book, Lynne McTaggart has taught me much that I didn’t know about meditation. I have viewed meditation as a method for tuning in to my inner wisdom and to connect with divine energy, yet there are so many practical benefits that I am guessing many of us are unaware of. If we were, we might all be clamoring to make it a vital practice in our lives. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Experienced meditators can be more effective in their ability to use their thoughts to effectively influence desired outcomes. Generally speaking, there are two different forms of meditation. Each may produce different brain waves, and consequently offer different benefits:

Concentrative meditation holds attention on the breath, an image, or a sound to still the mind and allow a greater awareness and clarity to emerge. With practice, it appears to enlarge the mechanism by which we receive information and clarify the reception.

By concentrating on focused thoughts, the portion of the brain that handles attention is exercised. This exercise enables its cortical thickness to grow larger. Ordinarily cortical thickness deteriorates with age, yet regular meditation appears to reduce or reverse this process.

Mindfulness meditation involves sitting quietly and being a witness to whatever goes through your mind, not becoming involved or reacting to thoughts, worries, or images. This helps to condition a more calm, clear, and non-reactive state of mind to whatever is happening around and within you.

Studies have shown some other general benefits of meditation to include:

  • Higher levels of gamma waves, which often are associated with feelings of joy
  • A predominance of alpha rhythms, which is the optimal state for the manifestation of your thoughts
  • More coherent brain waves
  • A positive affect on the brain’s reasoning and analytical ability
  • An increase in ability to receive intuitive information, as well as the conscious awareness of it.

Guidance on how to practice either of these types of meditations is enough for two new articles, so I won’t go any further right here. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have in the meantime.


Are We Paying Enough Attention to Our Own Evolution?

In the summer of 2001, I lost my little best buddy, Mindy, to feline lymphoma. Mindy had been by my side when my husband left me for another woman, and was my travel companion while we boarded the airplane that would relocate us from New Hampshire back to my native San Francisco. I was extremely sad when I lost my furry friend of twelve years. Her death inspired within me a curiosity about what happens to souls who make their transition to the other side. Somehow I hoped to understand more about where she was so that I could feel a stronger sense of connection to her. So I began to read a bit about near death experiences.

I don’t profess to be an expert by any means through the dabbling I’ve done on the subject of near death experiences (NDE’s), yet my personal belief is that there is so much more value in what is reported back than we give weight to. As I have come to be a more serious student in learning the truth about the energy behind life and the life creation process, it blows me away how much the various branches of study seem to intersect at the core. Quantum physics aligns with the theories of metaphysics, and metaphysics principles offer a low level version of the manifestation process that has been described by those who have visited the other side. They seem to be reporting the same vital points—that we are all connected by the energy that is the source of life and that we are each encouraged to participate in the co-creation of life through our thoughts.

The more incidences I discover of how the various branches of study confirm one another’s findings, the more significant I perceive this data. We’re at a point in history where science and spirituality are coming together and the majority of us are not even paying attention. We are learning that through our minds we are powerful beyond belief, but somehow the mainstream has yet to accept these ideas as legitimate. So many of us just let our power, and the freedom that comes with it to create the lives we desire, fall to the wayside. How unfortunate. I am, however, convinced that something will happen to enable this to change. After all, this is the evolution of our world that we are experiencing. These understandings have risen to the surface not to be ignored, but to be utilized in some way.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

Are You Censoring Your Dreams?

I am really excited about the business that my partner, Dean, and I have just launched, inner architect.  Our mission is to educate people on inner power, and how to use your power to create business success, prosperity, healthy relationships, a sense of purpose and inner peace. One of the commitments I’ve made to myself is that I am going to build this business being centered in the principles I teach. We all know how easy it is to not walk our own talk. I want our business to be an example for what we are teaching. Consequently, I’ve been looking very closely lately at how I demonstrate these principles during the course of my day. It’s been a interesting discovery.

Dean and I took a much needed day off on Friday and ventured up to the Napa Valley. We both love the beauty of the area, the rolling hillsides patterned with vineyards, and the overall ambiance of the lusciously rustic wine country. Our vision is to move there within a few years time. So Friday I set off to Napa with the intention to really begin to create my vision from the inside out. It was my intention to seriously start thinking about where I wanted our home to be, and what it was to look like. It was from there that I began to see how I get in my own way.

You see, real estate prices in the Napa Valley are akin to San Francisco. Six hundred thousand dollars buys you a bungalow that needs a major overhaul. No lie. So there I was driving through the valley with Dean, fully aware that our financial situation will need to change dramatically for us to afford to live in a really nice home there. I began to see my own set of limitations staring me in the face. Do I deserve to live in a lovely home with a view that stirs my heart? Can I really be financially prosperous enough to carry the mortgage? Interesting questions indeed for a teacher of metaphysics. This is where the walk my talk part comes in.

So where have I landed? I brought home a handful of real estate magazines and have begun to go through them as if I could have any home I wanted with money not being an obstacle. In this mindset I’m beginning to form some clarity about what it is that I really want. By allowing myself to consider everything that’s out there, my vision is getting clearer. So is my understanding of the limits I’ve set for myself. Until now, I’ve not let myself believe that it is perfectly okay for me to want a gorgeous home in an area that I love. I see now that because I haven’t believed it’s okay, I haven’t allowed myself to consider it a possibility. But now I’ve opened my mind to it being a real possibility. And I’m beginning to think about the party we’re going to throw after we move in.

Do you have your own version of my story here that you can relate to?

Is It Okay to Want Money?

I had the honor last night to be a Guest Teacher on ACIM Gather Radio. My goal was to provide a practical discussion with tips about how to continually remember the incredible power that you have to create whatever reality you desire. I call this power your inner energy. The dialog was moving along just fine and then I hit upon the subject of money. Guess what happened? The online interactive board began to buzz with activity. Questions and comments came pouring in, each seeming to be looking for confirmation that you can be a good person and want money, too.

I know that there are a number of people who struggle with a belief that wanting money is like selling your soul. Many believe that goodness and money can’t co-exist. The truth is that they can. Money is simply energy. It is our choice in how we choose to invest this energy. It can be used to invest in things that create much goodness for the world just as much as it can be used for meaningless or harmful things. It’s our intentions for money that should be considered, not the energy itself.

Another common misconception is the idea that good and loving people are not supposed to want to be financially wealthy. Why not? To deny ourselves the opportunity to accept the abundance of God’s worldly treasures is no different than denying ourselves the opportunity to experience our spiritual nature as long as we place our first priority on serving God. Using your inner energy to be of service to God and our human siblings is what we have been taught throughout the ages to strive for. Using your energy in the sole pursuit of money is a very different way of investing your life. Doesn’t it make sense that those who are successful in being of service to God and others should be rewarded with the most wonderful of earthly gifts? If we all bought into the idea that this makes sense, I’m willing to bet that many more of us would be motivated to be of service in a better way.

Tips for Greater Prosperity: Gratitude is a Magnet for More

I am blessed to have both of my parents living within an hour’s drive. Even while I was growing up, my friends would always comment about how great my parents were. That feedback always made me smile in my youth, and today I feel so much more deeply grateful to have been given such a great set of parents. It had been almost a month since I’d spent more than just a few minutes with them until we had dinner together last night. Once again I discovered that the more I focus on my gratitude, the more abundantly what I am focusing on seems to shine.

Gratitude is an acknowledgment of goodness, your awareness of the unlimited abundant supply that is being shared with you. This acknowledgment makes it stronger. When you dwell on thoughts of gratitude, you focus your energy on the acceptance of your gifts. Just like your words produce energies which attract like substances, the emotions behind your thoughts also fuel the process of creating more of the same. Gratitude is a magnet for more good.

Making a habit of taking a few minutes at the beginning or end of your day to express gratitude for specific things not only will make you more conscious of your gifts, it will help you to maintain the opening for more richness to manifest in your life. When you are thankful, you are in a mindset of “I have”, one which takes claim of your rightful good. You cannot experience lack when all you are thinking about is how much good you have. Likewise, you cannot experience prosperity if you dwell on what you need more of. Try experimenting with this and see for yourself the difference it can make when you are conscious of the abundant flow in your life.