The Secret Benefit of Blogging

In my career development business, Inner Architect, we train job seekers how to create proactive employment campaigns with a blog as a hub for delivering one’s value and expertise. I love to encourage participants that your blog is a vehicle to become what you want to be known for:

  • In the process of researching, you step into your expertise.
  • By publishing articles, you show up for who you want to become.

Whether you are already a blogger, or thinking about becoming one, consider what your blog can do for you:

  • Provide you with the opportunity to grow into what you want to become. If you are just beginning to blog, you have a clean writing slate to work with. See this as an opportunity to build your expertise, and consequently, what you are known for, in the direction you want to go. Don’t feel limited to write articles about where you’ve been and what you now know. Give yourself the freedom to move in whatever direction you want by writing articles that showcase your knowledge or expertise in that subject. There is great wisdom behind the statement “fake it until you make it.”
  • Give your writing voice credibility. Allow yourself to write with the same level of confidence and authority that you have demonstrated throughout your professional career. Focus on the value of your expertise and don’t worry about who might poke holes in what you have to say.
  • Think of yourself as a problem solver. Offer solutions, how-to’s and tips for addressing a specific need, issue or problem.

Remember, we’ve all been given unique gifts, talents and skills. You serve yourself and those around you best when you share what is uniquely yours to give.

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