The Gloom and Doom Bandwagon: Are You On or Off?

The Marin Independent Journal, my local newspaper, featured a front page article on Sunday by Associated Press journalist, Pauline Arrillaga with the headline, Gloom, Doom Around the Nation. The article’s focus was on how high gas prices, the never-ending war, the housing market, and job uncertainty has brought our country to a point of hopelessness and fear.

I opened my newspaper to page 7 to follow the article, feeling more troubled as I read statements shared by a number of people interviewed. Then what was shared by a 24-year old brought tears to my eyes, “You can’t get ahead. You can’t save money. You can’t buy a house. It just stinks.”

It wasn’t the state of the Union that bothered me here; it was the sense of hopelessness that seems to prevail. Have we forfeited our power as we wait for the next President to get things moving in a new direction? What can we do in the meantime?

How to take control of your life:

  1. Acknowledge what you want to achieve or become
  2. Define the steps necessary to get there.
  3. Acknowledge your responsibility for completing the steps.
  4. Commit to and follow through on the work.
  5. Stay committed to what is necessary.

This process enables you to take control, regardless of what is happening around you. Remember that your power lies within you. It’s your gift waiting to be claimed. That’s when life gets good. Go for it.

2 thoughts on “The Gloom and Doom Bandwagon: Are You On or Off?

  1. So many people, as psychologist Eric Berne (Games People Play) said long ago spend a lot of their time waiting for Santa Claus. They look out at the world and things DO look hopeless, so they get into a waiting mode–the government, a rich uncle with a large will, the lottery, or something else will magically solve the problem.

    I like your set of steps much better. They give us power rather than the powerlessness of expecting somebody else to fix it for us.


  2. Thanks, Malcolm. You’ve summarized very well the secret to living the life you want–taking responsibility for your own power to MAKE it happen, and not waiting for it to happen TO you.

    I appreciate your contribution!


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