Intention: A Practical Science for Consciously Creating Your Life (Part 1)

What is intention?

Intention is a deliberate attempt to make or influence a change. Unlike desire, which is simply focusing on an outcome, intention includes an executable plan which will lead to a desired outcome.

What has been learned about intention?

Let’s first look briefly at the discoveries which provided the foundation for understanding intention. The classical physics that was invented by people like Isaac Newton in the seventeenth and eighteenth century was based on studying movements of very big objects like planets, cars and mechanical devices in general. Then early in the 20th century, physicists began investigating the behavior of extremely small objects such as subatomic particles. When Newtonian thinking was applied to the very small, the laws that predicted how things would work no longer applied. This is where the study of quantum mechanics was born.

Isaac Newton at age 46
Portrait by Godfrey Kneller

In 1905, Einstein’s formula, E=MC2,
replaced the earlier Newtonian theory that everything in life was made up of solid objects that were attracted to each other by gravity. Einstein’s discovery proved that everything that exists, from the large, to the tiniest of small, consisted of sub atomic particles which, at their core, were made of the same stuff—pure energy.


Coming up in Part 2: Why this is exciting knowledge for you…

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