Are You Censoring Your Dreams?

I am really excited about the business that my partner, Dean, and I have just launched, inner architect.  Our mission is to educate people on inner power, and how to use your power to create business success, prosperity, healthy relationships, a sense of purpose and inner peace. One of the commitments I’ve made to myself is that I am going to build this business being centered in the principles I teach. We all know how easy it is to not walk our own talk. I want our business to be an example for what we are teaching. Consequently, I’ve been looking very closely lately at how I demonstrate these principles during the course of my day. It’s been a interesting discovery.

Dean and I took a much needed day off on Friday and ventured up to the Napa Valley. We both love the beauty of the area, the rolling hillsides patterned with vineyards, and the overall ambiance of the lusciously rustic wine country. Our vision is to move there within a few years time. So Friday I set off to Napa with the intention to really begin to create my vision from the inside out. It was my intention to seriously start thinking about where I wanted our home to be, and what it was to look like. It was from there that I began to see how I get in my own way.

You see, real estate prices in the Napa Valley are akin to San Francisco. Six hundred thousand dollars buys you a bungalow that needs a major overhaul. No lie. So there I was driving through the valley with Dean, fully aware that our financial situation will need to change dramatically for us to afford to live in a really nice home there. I began to see my own set of limitations staring me in the face. Do I deserve to live in a lovely home with a view that stirs my heart? Can I really be financially prosperous enough to carry the mortgage? Interesting questions indeed for a teacher of metaphysics. This is where the walk my talk part comes in.

So where have I landed? I brought home a handful of real estate magazines and have begun to go through them as if I could have any home I wanted with money not being an obstacle. In this mindset I’m beginning to form some clarity about what it is that I really want. By allowing myself to consider everything that’s out there, my vision is getting clearer. So is my understanding of the limits I’ve set for myself. Until now, I’ve not let myself believe that it is perfectly okay for me to want a gorgeous home in an area that I love. I see now that because I haven’t believed it’s okay, I haven’t allowed myself to consider it a possibility. But now I’ve opened my mind to it being a real possibility. And I’m beginning to think about the party we’re going to throw after we move in.

Do you have your own version of my story here that you can relate to?

2 thoughts on “Are You Censoring Your Dreams?

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your nice feedback. It helps me to receive confirmation that others struggle at times with the same things I do. We’re all in this together!

    All my best,

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