Need an Answer? Think Love


I woke up this morning to face one of the lessons that I often teach. I had a conflict last night with someone I recently did business with and the experience stayed with me up until the time I went to sleep. I figured it would be one of those experiences which would be a forgotten memory in the dawn of a new day. But, oh, I was wrong. My waking consciousness brought me right back to the previous night’s events.

Intellectually I knew that I was the boss of my own thoughts, and that if I didn’t like the scene I was focusing on, I could change it. Somehow, though, I was struggling with this one. And now, looking back, I can see why. I was telling myself to stop thinking about the conflict, but I hadn’t chosen a more favorable thought to energize.

I rolled over to face my boyfriend, Dean, laying next to me in bed. I began to think about the wonderful man that he is and how much I love him. As I focused my energy on love, I noticed that the conflict had departed my consciousness and hasn’t returned since. What a great lesson. Love really is the answer. Think about it.

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