Lindsay Lohan: Did Faith Lend Her a Break?


Starlet Lindsay Lohan was snapped wearing a “faith” cap three days ago. Is it a coincidence that she escaped felony charges today?

I know; there are a lot of people screaming about celebrity injustice. There is also a lot of noise out there suggesting that her current clean-up act is just that, an act. I’m not saying that either one of these ideas is true or not true. I have a different point to make. Whatever behavior she is exposing for the cameras right now is that which she knows is the better path, the road to freedom. Who are we to say that this time around she won’t have the smarts, the strength and the guts to take that higher road? We’re all cut from the same cloth, so when we lose all hope that someone else can change, aren’t we saying the same for ourselves? Take away all her celebrity and Lindsay is just like you and me. She’s forever at battle with her emotional baggage, her fears and her insecurities. Does her fame have to come with a muzzle on compassion now that she’s fallen into that proverbial gutter?

I think there’s no better hat for Lindsay than the one bearing faith. You see, faith is not about religion, going to church, or giving up sex and having fun. It’s about believing that there is a higher power that is always here to support you. It’s about believing that there is a purpose to everything that unfolds, even if it is ugly, painful or not at all what you ordered up. Don’t we all know someone who had to hit rock bottom before they found it within themselves to travel down a different road? Might even that person be you?

Lindsay Lohan is not the only troubled celebrity to pull the faith card recently. Buddy Paris Hilton has been seen sporting a faith sweatshirt and carrying spiritual books. It was announced today that the $10 million defamation lawsuit between Paris and diamond heiress-actress Zeta Graff was settled out of court.

Seems to me that there’s some good karma going around.


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