4th of July: Celebrate Freedom for Your Mind

I am writing this on the eve of the July 4th holiday, the day that our country has been celebrating its independence for the past 231 years.  As I’ve gone about my business for the past couple of days, I have sensed a lightness of energy all around me.  It’s a major holiday week in the summer, a time to celebrate and put the stresses of daily life aside.  Life seems carefree and fun.  Why can’t it be like this always, you might wonder.  The truth is that it can be. 

The thoughts that we tend to form about not having enough or not being enough are purely ideas in our minds.  It’s a belief system that is based on the idea that we are separated from the source of life.  This is a belief system that fosters fear and worry.  Imagine instead a belief system where you were assured that you had nothing to worry about.  This is based on ideas that you can have or be anything you can see possible in your mind because you know that you are connected to the source which created all of life.

Every day can feel like a holiday if you free your mind of worry and fear.  You can create a life you’ve dreamed about if only you set your mind to it and get to work.  Sure, it’s easy to come up with excuses about why you don’t, but the reality is that it is possible.  You just need to get out of your own way and not settle for anything less.  Remember, you’re in charge of your life.  The clock is ticking.  If your life doesn’t feel like a holiday a good part of the time, ask yourself what you can do about it.  Ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Thanks for visiting.  Make it an amazing holiday that lingers on.

Susan Hanshaw

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