maintaining your sense of connection

In yesterday’s video post, God: The Real Secret, I shared a message that came to me while I was exploring the rugged coastline that provides the setting for the rustically beautiful Timber Cove Inn in Fort Ross, California. There is just something about the energy of this ocean front getaway that seems to enfold me in a higher vibrational zone. There’s something about watching the waves emerge from the deep blue pools of water and crash against the dark rocks that reminds me of the presence of a higher power. What a symbolic expression of the existence of eternal peace and almighty strength.

Our room’s ocean view awakened me to feel the presence of God, which manifested in a sense of joy, love and hope that the world was mine for the asking. After breakfast my boyfriend and I ventured through the property and hiked along the hillside perched high above the water. The scene was breathtaking. I was so moved by its beauty that all I could think about was the love of God. I sat there atop a rock on the cliff peering down and felt my connection to the universe. As I focused on it, I felt my direct connection with our creator. And in those moments I dared myself to believe that what was happening there was truly real. I dared myself to believe the messages I felt being whispered to my heart held truth. I sat there in my bliss and didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to lose these hopeful truths to the practical needs of my human life. I didn’t want my connection to get washed away by my shower or left behind as we departed our room.

As I reflect upon this now, I see the vulnerabilities of my spiritual beliefs. I can trust easily what feels true in my heart when I feel totally connected to the source of life. Yet when I step away and invite my human insecurities into this bond, I seem to turn over my power. My heart often loses the war with my thinking, judging mind. I now see more clearly the work I need to do. I feel progress, though. I feel like I’ve just had a personal trainer show me the exercise I need to do to convert my flab into muscle. I know that it is just up to me to do the reps.

What about you? Do you see areas of weakness in your spiritual life that could benefit from some good workouts?

Thank you for visiting. I wish you an amazing journey.

Susan Hanshaw

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