a new media for inspiration


As I described in my very first post, Why This Blog?, I write because it is something I feel called to do. It feels like one of the ways I am supposed to be of service, the reason I am here. I figured this out just over two years ago, which led me to say good-bye to my 20-year corporate career. My life since then has been all about helping others to live with a greater sense of passion and purpose. I believe that we are all here to share our gifts and express what lives within our hearts.

I have awakened to the idea that I wish to share my work in a media that goes beyond the flat zone of the written word. I want to come across to you as a real person whose heart is in total alignment with the words I use to express it. There seems no better way to do this than through video.

I introduce now my video series, which you can expect to find every Monday in this space. I invite you to join me as I share excerpts from my book, Unleashing Your Soul, which became the soul of my journey of finding the courage to live from my heart.

At ten minutes, this first clip contains an introduction that makes it longer than those that will follow. I invite you to tune in and ask me any questions that might come up for you.

Thanks for visiting. I’m wishing you an awesome journey.

In peace and light,
Susan Hanshaw

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