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Here it is Memorial Day weekend. Holy smokes. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that I was indulging in my New Years ritual of reflecting upon the year passed and looking ahead at my dreams for the future. Time flies by so quickly that it shakes me up when I stop and think about it.

Time is a gift that enables us to create whatever it is that we wish to build or become. It’s like an account we’re given when we’re born whose days we can invest in whatever form we choose. Our earthly days are numbered so time is really the most valuable commodity we have. Yet none of us knows exactly how much time we have here, nor do we know how much time remains for those we love. We can’t ration time nor can we really save it. A moment is here and then it is gone. As much as we may want to, we can’t take any of them back.

On my 45th birthday I woke up to the idea that my life was pretty likely half over. There was a huge gift in that revelation because it moved me to start living in a way in which I would have no regrets if my days were to end tomorrow. I stopped investing my time in things that were not meaningful to me. One of those things meant walking away from a well-paying job. And while I am currently only making a fraction of what I grew used to, my life is multiple times richer.

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service to the United States. Might it also be a day in which we celebrate those who live serving our country? Serving others isn’t restricted to protecting our land and freedom. It can be as simple as being kind, generous of heart and a good citizen; all the things that are worthy of time.

One of the things that keeps me on track is holding on to my ideas about how I wish to be remembered. This Memorial Day weekend feels like a great time to celebrate those ideals by expressing them. What might this look like for you?

Thank you for visiting. Have an awesome holiday weekend.

Susan Hanshaw

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