life: unfolding in perfect order

“The really happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery
when on a detour.” — Unknown

Have you ever been taught something that you thought you understood yet it wasn’t until later that you realized how clueless you really were? I’ve had one of those humbling revelations recently.

Six years ago my beloved cat, Mindy, passed after a bout with Lymphoma. Mindy was my little companion of eleven years who hung by my side through a painful divorce and a cross-country move. I was devastated when I lost her. She became the reason I jumped back onto my spiritual path. The sadness I had trouble shaking drove me to the yellow pages where I discovered Unity, a New Thought church that I became very involved with for a good couple of years.

One of the concepts that I often heard at Unity was that life unfolds in perfect order. This idea would bust out in scenarios that ranged from the Sunday sermon to rhetoric that someone would call out when things didn’t go exactly as planned. It felt like a positive way to tie a tidy bow around one of life’s disappointments so I bought in to the idea. It wasn’t until recently that I recognized that I didn’t totally buy into the belief behind the idea. Until now, that is.

Believing that life unfolds in perfect order is an ultimate act of trust. It means totally surrendering your own agenda to the detours that life may want to take you through. It’s being able to look at what is happening and say, “Hey, this doesn’t look like what I had in mind, but I know that the Universe is wiser than I am so I’ll accept it.”

I thought I believed that life unfolds in perfect order a few years ago, yet looking back I can see that it was an idea that I engaged with only on the surface. It became a convenient verbal response to an inconvenient event. Yet when I think about all the disappointments I allowed to disrupt my peace back then, I can see now that I didn’t really believe those words I participated in.

Last week it occurred to me just how dramatically my trust in this principle has deepened. While I certainly have my moments, for the most part I’ve learned to just roll with the punches. While there are a number of things I’d love to see happening with my business right now, I’m learning to trust that it will happen when it is supposed to happen and not in alignment with my impatience. The result of this is that I wig out about things a whole lot less and feel a deep sense of peace and safety almost all the time. Not bad for a former corporate type A persona.

Take a look at anything that may be rattling your sense of peace right now. Are you able to throw your disappointments up to the heavens and surrender to the wisdom of the Universe? After all, you can’t really enjoy the dance when you’re clinging to the walls.

Thanks for visiting.

Wishing you peace and light,
Susan Hanshaw

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